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Australin Beads and pendant

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001 Crystal 001AB Crystal AB 001AB2X Crystal AB2X 202AB Aquamarine AB 202AB2X Aquamarine AB2X 203AB Topaz AB 203AB2X Topaz AB2X 204AB Amethyst AB 204AB2X Amethyst AB2X 205AB Emerald AB 205AB2X Emerald AB2X 206AB Sapphire AB 206AB2X Sapphire AB2X 207 Montana 207AB Montana AB 207AB2X Montana AB2X 208AB SiamAB 208AB2X SiamAB2X 209AB RoseAB 209AB2X RoseAB2X 210AB Med.SapphireAB 210AB2X Med.SapphireAB2X 211AB Lt.Sapphire AB 211AB2X Lt.Sapphi AB 212 Lt.Amethyst 212AB Lt.AmethystAB 212AB2X Lt.Amethyst AB2X 213AB Jonquil AB 213AB2X Jonquil AB2X 214AB Peridot AB 214AB2X Peridot AB2X 215AB Black Diamond AB 215AB2X Black Diamond AB2X 217AB Ind.Sapphire AB 217AB2X Ind.Sapphire AB2X 218AB Med.Emerald AB 218AB2X Med.Emerald AB2X 220AB Smoked Topaz AB 220AB2X Smoked Topaz AB2X 221AB Lt.Smoked Topaz AB 221AB2X Lt.Smoked Topaz AB2X 223AB Lt.Rose AB 223AB2X Lt.Rose AB2X 225AB Smoky Quartz AB 225AB2X Smoky Quartz AB2X 226AB Lt.Topaz AB 226AB2X Lt.Topaz AB2X 227AB Siam AB 227AB2X Siam AB2X 228AB Olivine AB 228AB2X Olivine AB2X 229AB Blue Zircon AB 229AB2X Blue Zircon AB2X 231AB Yellow opal AB 231AB2X Yellow opal AB2X 234AB White Opal AB 234AB2X White Opal AB2X 236AB Hyacinth AB 236AB Hyacinth AB2X 237AB Fire Opal AB 237AB2X Fire Opal AB2X 238AB Chrysolite AB 238AB2X Chrysolite AB2X 240AB Laveder AB 240AB2X Laveder AB2X 241AB Garnet AB 241AB2X Garnet AB2X 242 Morion 242AB Morion AB 242AB2X Morion AB2X 243AB Capri Blue AB 243AB2X Capri Blue AB2X 245AB Col Topaz AB 245AB2X Col Topaz AB2X 246AB Lt.Col.Top AB 246AB2X Lt.Col.Top AB2X 247AB Ceylon Topaz AB 247AB2X Ceylon Topaz AB2X 248AB Sun AB 248AB2X Sun AB2X 249AB Citrine AB 249AB2X Citrine AB2X 250AB Crystal Shadow AB 250AB2X Crystal Shadow AB2X 252AB Lt.Olivine AB 252AB2X Lt.Olivine AB2X 253AB Graphite AB 253AB2X Graphite AB2X 254AB Lt.Emerald AB 254AB2X Lt.Emerald AB2X 255AB Dark Sapphire AB 255AB2X Dark Sapphire AB2X 256AB Lilac AB 256AB2X Lilac AB2X 257AB Blush rose AB 257AB2X Blush rose AB2X 259AB Tangerine AB 259AB2X Tangerine AB2X 260AB Dark Moss Green AB 260AB2X Dark Moss Green AB2X 262AB Rose peach AB 262AB2X Rose peach AB2X 265AB Smoky mauve AB 265AB2X Smoky mauve AB2X 267AB Turquoise AB 267AB2X Turquoise AB2X 277AB Purple Velvet AB 277AB2X Purple Velvet AB2X 279AB Chalk White AB 279AB2X Chalk White AB2X 280AB Jet AB 280AB2X Jet AB2X 281AB White Alabaster AB 281AB2X White Alabaster AB2X 283AB Provence Lavender AB 283AB2X Provence Lavender AB2X 284AB Greige AB 284AB2X Greige AB2X 285AB AirBlue Opal AB 285AB2X AirBlue Opal AB2X 286AB Mocca AB 286AB2X Mocca AB2X 287AB Sand Opal AB 287AB2X Sand Opal AB2X 288AB Dark Indigo AB 288AB2X Dark Indigo AB2X 289AB Indian Pink AB 289AB2X Indian Pink AB2X 291AB Fern Green AB 291AB2X Fern Green AB 2X 292AB Sun flower AB 292AB2X Sun flower AB2X 293AB Rose Alabaster AB 293AB2X Rose Alabaster AB2X 296 Majestic Blue 296AB Majestic Blue AB 296AB2X Majestic Blue AB2X 319AB Vintage Rose AB 319AB2X Vintage Rose AB2X 327AB Indian Siam AB 327AB2X Indian Siam AB2X 360AB Erinite AB 360AB2X Erinite AB2X 361AB Lt.Azore AB 361AB2X Lt.Azore AB2X 369AB Cobalt AB 369AB2X Cobalt AB2X 371AB Violet AB 371AB Violet AB2X 372AB Red.Topaz AB 372AB2X Red.Topaz AB2X 373 Turmaline 374AB Indian Red AB 374AB2X Indian Red AB2X 379 Indicolite 379AB Indicolite AB 379AB2X Indicolite AB2X 383AB Lt.Grey Opal AB 383AB2X Lt.Grey Opal AB2X 385AB Lime AB 385AB2X Lime AB2X 389AB Violet Opal AB 389AB2X Violet Opal AB2X 390AB Pacific Opal AB 390AB2X Pacific Opal AB2X 391AB Silk AB 391AB2X Silk AB2X 393AB Palace Green Opal AB 393AB2X Palace Green Opal AB2X 394AB Cari. Blue Opal AB 394AB2X Cari. Blue Opal AB2X 395AB Rose Water Opal AB 395AB2X Rose Water Opal AB2X 396 Dark Red Coral 396AB Dark Red Coral AB 396AB2X Dark Red Coral AB2X 397 Mint Alabaster 397AB Mint Alabaster AB 397AB2X Mint Alabaster AB2X 398AB Cyclamen Opal AB 398AB2X Cyclamen Opal AB2X 501 Ruby 501AB Ruby AB 501AB2X Ruby AB2X 502 Fuchsia 502AB Fuchsia AB 502AB2X Fuchsia AB2X 503 Alexand 503AB Alexand AB 503AB2X Alexand AB2X 508 Rosaline 508AB Rosaline AB 508AB2X Rosaline AB2X 515AB Burgundy AB 515AB2X Burgundy AB2X 539 Tanzanite 539AB Tanzanite AB 539AB2X Tanzanite AB2X 540 Cantaloupe 540AB Cantaloupe AB 540AB2X Cantaloupe AB2X 542AB Padparadscha AB 542AB2X Padparadscha AB2X 545 Lt.Tanzanite 545AB Lt.Tanzanite AB 545AB2X Lt.Tanzanite AB2X 550 Khaki 550AB Khaki AB 550AB2X Khaki AB2X 362 Lt.Peach 362AB Lt.Peach AB 362AB2X Lt.Peach AB2X 294 Chrysolite Opal 294AB Chrysolite Opal AB 294AB2X Chrysolite Opal AB2X 266 Denium blue 266AB Denium blue AB 266AB2X Denium blue AB2X 261 Light Silk 261AB Light Silk AB 261AB2X Light Silk AB2X 263 Light Turquoise 263AB Light Turquoise AB 263AB2X Light Turquoise AB2X 286 Mocca 202 Aquamarine 203 Topaz 204 Amethyst 205 Emerald 206 Sapphire 208 Siam 209 Rose 210 Med.Sapphire 211 Lt.Sapphire 213 Jonquil 214 Peridot 215 Black Diamond 216 Green Turma 217 Ind.Sapphire 218 Med.Emerald 220 Smoked Topaz 221 Lt.Smoked Topaz 223 Lt.Rose 225 Smoky Quartz 226 Lt.Topaz 227 Siam 228 Olivine 229 Blue Zircon 231 Yellow opal 234 White Opal 236 Hyacinth 237 Fire Opal 238 Chrysolite 240 Laveder 241 Garnet 243 Capri Blue 245 Col Topaz 246 Lt.Col.Top 247 Ceylon Topaz 248 Sun 249 Citrine 250 Crystal Shadow 252 Lt.Olivine 253 Graphite 254 Lt.Emerald 255 Dark Sapphire 256 Lilac 257 Blush rose 259 Tangerine 260 Dark Moss Green 262 Rose peach 265 Smoky mauve 267 Turquoise 277 Purple Velvet 279 Chalk White 280 Jet 281 White Alabaster 283 Provence Lavender 284 Greige 285 AirBlue Opal 287 Sand Opal 288 Dark Indigo 289 Indian Pink 291 Fern Green 292 Sun flower 293 Rose Alabaster 319 Vintage Rose 327 Indian Siam 360 Erinite 361 Lt.Azore 369 Cobalt 371 Violet 372 Red.Topaz 374 Indian Red 383 Lt.Grey Opal 385 Lime 389 Violet Opal 390 Pacific Opal 391 Silk 393 Palace Green Opal 394 Cari. Blue Opal 395 Rose Water Opal 398 Cyclamen Opal 515 Burgundy 542 Padparadscha 656 Marbled Seagreen 653 Marbled Black 651 Marbled Ivory 652 Marbled Yellow 654 Marbled Blue 655 Marbled Terracotta 721 Amethyst Blend 722 Topaz blend 723 Burgendy Blue zircon blend 724 Fern green topaz blend 725 Crystal montana blend 726 Provence Lavender Chrysolite Blend 751 Mosaic White opal 752 Mosaic Amber opal 753 Mosaic purple opal 754 Mosaic purcific opal 755 Mosaic sand opal 001ROGL Crystal rose gold 001 ROGL2X Crystal rose gold 2X 280HEML Jet Hematite 280HEML2X Jet Hematite 2X 280NUT Jet nut 280NUT2X Jet nut 2X 001MEBL Mettalic blue 001MEBL2X Mettalic Blue 2X 001 MELG Crystal Metallic Light Gold 001 MELG2X Crystal Metallic Light Gold 2X 001METSH Crystal Mettallic Sunshine 001METSH2X Crystal Mettallic Sunshine 2X 001METSI Crystal Mettallic Silver 001DOR Crystal Dordo 001DOR2X Crystal Dordo 2X 001HEL Crystal Heliotrope 001BB Crystal Bermuda Blue 001VM Crystal Vitrail Medium 001ANTP Crystal Antique Pink 001ASPIV Crystal Astral Pink 001SINI Crytal Silver Night 001SINI2X Crytal Silver Night 2X 001COP Crytal Cooper 001CAL Comet Argent Light 001REDM Crystal Magma 001SATIN Crystal Satin 001SCGR Crystal Scarabaeus Green 001SCGR2X Crystal Scarabaeus Green2X 001LUMG Crystal Luminous Green 001MAT Crystal Matt Finish 001MOL Crystal Moon Light 001GSHA Crystal Golden Shade 001SSHA Crystal Sliver Shade 001BLSH Crystal Blue Shade 001LISH Crystal Lilac Shade 001BRSH Crystal Bronze Shade 001BRSH2X Crystal Bronze Shade 001PARSH Crystal Paradise Shine 001PARSH2X Crystal Paradise Shine 2X 001RABDK Crystal Rainbow Dark 001RABDK2X Crystal Rainbow Dark 2X 234SBL White Opal Sky Blue 234STS White Opal Star Shine 261 Light Silk Mixed Colour Assorted Colour
3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 14mm 15mm
5301/5328 Bicone Beads 5040 5810 5818 5000 5005 5020 181304
Colour tone
Clear/White Black Silver/Grey Pink/red Purple Green Blue Yellow/Orange Gold
Austrial Crystal Copper base S925 Sterling silver base Agate/Gemstone Tiger eye/Gemstone Jade/Gemstone Quaz/Gemstone
Color test
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