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Earing supplies

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Cubic zirconia Sterling silver Brass Gemstone Leather Neon Imitation leather Alloy Stainless steel Rhinestone Glass Mettalic cord Wax cord Cat eye Feather Mixed material Arylic Lampwork Shell Opal Synthetic Opal Bone Rubber silicone Abalone chips genuine black Stingray skin
Pave color
Clear CZ Black CZ Fuchsia CZ Blue CZ Green CZ Turquoise CZ Mixed color CZ Violet CZ Pink CZ Aqua CZ Orange CZ Champagne CZ White opal CZ Olive CZ
1mm 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 7-8mm 9-10mm 12mm 1.5mm 2.5mm 13-14mm 15-16mm 17-18mm 19-20mm 21-24mm 25-29mm 30mm above 50mm above 40mm above
Clears Whites Greys Blacks Silvers Golds Rosegolds/Coopers Browns/Tans Oranges/Peaches Beiges/Creams Yellows Reds Pinks Purples/Lavenders Greens Blues Multy coloured Assorted colors
Hole size
< 1mm 1-1.9mm 2-2.9mm 3-3.9mm 4-4.9mm 5-5.9mm 6-9.9mm 10mm <
Beads Charms Pendants Focals Connectors/Links Multi strand links Cabochons Bracelets Necklaces Stud earings Earings Eearing findings Bails Clasps Clasps for multy strand Tubes Bead caps Chains unfinished Chains ready to wear Frames for bead Frames for Cabochons beads stopper Buttons For tassel
Round Roundles Abacus Flat round Column Drop Heart Annimals Plants Evil eyes Hadma hand/palm Nuggets Barrel Bicone Rectangle Square Cube Rice Chip Skull Rhombus Star Horse eye Half round Triangle Wing Donuts Snow flake Letter number Zodiac Chinese Zodiac Oval Flowers Disc Fish Eternity Elephant Others People Diamond Hexagon Swan Anchor helmet hook Fruit Weapon sun and moon cross crown Plants Sea star Angle Lip Buddha moon elephant Love Birds Fish Insects Butterfly tree Bow tie flash/lighting Lighting bolt Key/Locks Bean Lobsters
Threading length
<1mm 1-1.9mm 2-2.9mm 3-3.9mm 4-4.9mm 5-5.9mm 6-9.9mm 10mm< >30mm
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